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Sleep Number vs Personal Comfort Number Beds

Sleep Number vs Personal Comfort | Updated 2022 Comparison Review


Sleep Number vs Personal Comfort

Personalized Adjustability

This clear comparison shows the distinct differences and what sets Personal Comfort apart from Sleep Number. Personal Comfort Number Beds are the perfect solution for couples with different comfort preferences. Sleep Number and Personal Comfort both come with separate air chambers that provide a dual-adjustable sleep experience, so each sleeper is capable of adjusting their side of the mattress based on their own personal comfort zones.

One of the main differences is that Sleep Number uses a zipper to keep the two air chambers together which prevents them from shifting apart. This means the air chambers don’t have true independent adjustability, and any motion on either side of the bed may be transferred to the other.

Personal Comfort keeps the air chambers held together with a lock-tight foam enclosure that contains them inside maintaining complete independent control. These chambers are designed to maintain their independence. Each component was designed with every attention to detail and the new Rejuvenation Series Number Beds are a complete game changer with all the benefits of healing copper-infusion. 

Wireless Remotes

The new generation of air control units come equipped with Bluetooth compatibilities and can connect to up to two wireless remotes. Personal Comfort Number Beds offer complete sleep customization with a total of 45 personalized settings, per side, and Sleep Number only offers 20 unique comfort settings per side. And, Personal Comfort includes a wireless handheld remote with every mattress, but if you want to control a Sleep Number bed with a remote, you’ll need to purchase one.






Reversible Top Cover

Personal Comfort uses patented technology to deliver an exclusive reversible quilted top cover that comes with two different sleeping surfaces on each side. This way you have more comfort level options and seasonally customize your top cover. This can also extend the lifespan of that critical top comfort layer. Sleep Number doesn’t have this technology and they don’t offer a customizable quilted mattress. This feature is available on the following premium Personal Comfort Number Beds: R12, A8, and A10. 






Built to Last the Test of Time

One of the most convenient features that Personal Comfort offers is the opportunity to upgrade, swap out, or replace the main mattress components.

The zippers used on these premium products are sewn into the mattress with careful precision that Sleep Number doesn’t use. The installation of these premium parts costs more, but it changes everything. This means that each zipper on all Personal Comfort mattresses come perfectly lined up with every other mattress making all mattress components interchangeable across the entire product line. Sleep Number components are unfortunately not interchangeable or upgradeable.

 You won’t ever need to worry about your dog digging through your mattress top cover or any other unexpected inconvenience, just simply order a new one and Personal Comfort will replace your top cover with no problem at all. It will easily zip on as smoothly as the original cover. With a Sleep Number bed, you’d have to purchase a new top cover plus all the parts it zips into—this can cost up to a thousand dollars or more.

Another excellent opportunity with Personal Comfort is the ability to upgrade your mattress cover. So, if you decide that you’d prefer the reversible cover with silky bamboo on one side and cooling on the other, just order the new cover and strap it on.

With some mattresses, you can completely transform them into a whole different mattress. Just simply un-zip the center panel and add extra comfort layers then zip on a new top panel.

The bottom line is any mattress you buy from Personal Comfort can be transformed and made as good as new—or can be upgraded for an entirely different feel—at any time, forever. Sleep Number can’t say that! 


Reinforced Steel Air-Control System

Sleep Number and Personal Comfort both use high-quality, reliable air-control system, but Personal Comfort includes a few features that set them apart. Personal Comfort uses steel-coil-reinforced air hoses on all their number bed mattress models. This means their hoses are kink-resistant and difficult to accidentally crush under a beds leg. A Personal Comfort Mattress may very well be the last mattress you’ll ever need to buy. 




Check Valves? Check.

Unlike Sleep Number, Personal Comfort includes a valve check located at the end of the hoses when disconnecting them from the mattress system. This way, you can rest assured that no air will escape from your mattress when the hoses are disconnected from the pump. Sleep Number forces you to scramble and attach a valve before you lose all your air. This is a great back-up feature during an unexpected disconnection. 



Stay Connected

Personal Comfort uses an air-control unit that offers the option to operate your mattress using Bluetooth technology. The Personal Comfort App not only allows you to adjust your beds firmness, but you can also connect your adjustable base for total handheld control. Another option the App gives you is access to the smart sleep tracker designed to keep track of your vitals while you sleep and provide you with daily sleep analytics. 




High Quality Materials & Construction

Personal Comfort uses only high-quality polyurethane foam that’s been approved by the independent CertiPur-US® program. This means they are made without any harmful ingredients including formaldehyde, heavy metals, or phthalates. This also means no harmful off-gassing or emissions are released. You can rest-assured that every attention to detail and quality can be found in every component of each mattress made by Personal Comfort.



Lock-Tight Rail System

Surrounding the air chambers in most mattress models, the foam rails are glued together which allows them to be locked together in a simple, yet effective way. This is an additional step in the manufacturing process, but it simplifies the setup of your bed, and more importantly, it means that dual air chambers remain completely independent of each other. 





40 Years of Innovation

Personal Comfort Mattresses are manufactured by the producers of the original Number Bed®, American National Manufacturing Company with over 40-years of innovation. The Personal Comfort® mattress is designed in the U.S.A. and with a combination of the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, they are leaders in the mattress industry. Customize your own level of comfort with an all-around better number bed at a better price.







Personal Comfort Sleep Number

True Dual Adjustability


Air chambers are completely independent, not zipped together.


Zippers are used, down the middle, to hold air chambers together

40-Years of Innovation


The Personal Comfort mattress is manufactured by the producers of the Original Number Bed®, American National Manufacturing (Est. 1972).


Select Comfort introduced "Sleep Number" in 1997, 23-years ago

# of Comfort Levels


Based on a standard medical pressure scale.


Based on their own pressure scale.

Upgradeable and Replaceable by Design


Most parts and comfort layers of the bed can be replaced or upgraded. (Ex: A8 can be upgraded to an R13)


(Ex: the i8 cannot be upgraded to the i10)

Real-Time Pressure Monitoring


Monitoring works in flat and elevated positions.


Sleep Number's Responsive Air Technology will not work in an elevated position. Your bed must remain flat (as stated on Sleep Number's user guide).

Upper and Lower Body Massage


Personal Comfort Power-Flex 3 and 4 models come with massage.


Reversible Top Cover


Gives you more options and longer life (available on select models).


Included Remotes


Most models include a remote or a pair of remotes.


Additional charge for any remote purchased.

Individual Remotes


Up to 2 remotes can be connected - each sleeper can have a remote.


Only 1 remote can be connected - remote has to be shared.

Steel-Reinforced Hoses


Won't kink or crush.


Lock-Tight Rail System


Keeps dual air chambers aligned and mattress sides from bowing.


Uses zippers to hold chambers together.

Polyurethane Air Chambers


Our premium products come with ultra-flex air chambers for additional contouring and added durability.


Vulcanized rubber chambers are used on all models.

25-Year Limited Warranty


Up to 5 years full replacement.


Only 15-years and 1-year full replacement.

Best Number Bed Value


Up to 60% less than Sleep Number.





PERSONAL COMFORT vs SLEEP NUMBER Remote Pressure Scales    Clear Pressure Scale Comparison

Personal Comfort Sleep Number
Number Pressure (psi) Number Pressure (psi)
*Pressures below 20 psi are very soft and typically not recommended for use.
5 < 0.13
6 < 0.13
7 0.13 0 < 0.16
8 0.15 5 0.16
9 0.19 10 0.18
10 0.19 15 0.20
11 0.21
12 0.23 20 0.22
13 0.25 25 0.24
14 0.27 30 0.26
15 0.29 35 0.28
16 0.31 40 0.30
17 0.33 45 0.32
18 0.35 50 0.34
19 0.37 55 0.36
20 0.39 60 0.38
21 0.41 65 0.40
22 0.43 70 0.42
23 0.45 75 0.44
24 0.47 80 0.47
25 0.48
26 0.50 85 0.50
27 0.52
28 0.54
29 0.56 90 0.55
30 0.58
31 0.60 95 0.60
32 0.62
33 0.64
34 0.66 100 (MAX) 0.65
35 0.68
36 0.70
37 0.72
38 0.73
39 0.75
40 0.77
41 0.79
42 0.81
43 0.83
44 0.85
45 0.87
46 0.89
47 0.91
48 0.93
49 0.95
50 (MAX) 0.97
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