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How many of you look forward to the end of the day when you get to settle down for some quality cuddle time with your significant other? Beds are great for cuddling but some beds are completely missing the “cuddle zone.” The middle of the bed which is reserved for cuddling. Sometimes couples need two separate mattresses, or somebody is stuck compromising because one person wanted a soft mattress and the other wanted firm. And, if you’re sleeping in an Adjustable Bed, and you both can’t agree on the same bedtime, you definitely don’t want to be stuck sitting up in bed because your sleeping partner isn’t ready to lower the bed just yet. There are numerous solutions to maintaining the cuddle zone and keeping all sleepers happy even if you can’t agree.

Life can be hectic and stressful for most of us and challenging to find time to relax. This is why bedtime is so important and might be the only time we get to spend any real quality time with our significant others. For so many of us, we look forward to this time of day when we finally get to give each other our undivided attention. But when you finally decide it’s time to go to sleep and your sleeping partner isn’t ready to turn off the TV or put down their phone, it can be bothersome and prevent you from getting the rest your body needs. The Modern Back has the perfect solution by offering a wide variety of Split Head Mattresses and Split Head Adjustable Beds. An excellent choice for a couple with different bedtimes and sleeping habits, is a split head mattress. All our adjustable beds come in split king, and some come in split queens as well as “split head” versions. Split king or queen means essentially two halves and two beds that can be operated independently. Split head means just the head portion of the bed can be controlled independently on either side but the feet on both sides will elevate together. We also offer a wide range of mattresses to accompany a split head adjustable base. Our selection of split head mattresses includes memory foam, latex, copper-infusion, number beds, and more. All of our split head mattresses were designed to preserve the cuddle zone and eliminate any separation. 

Here at The Modern Back, we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by making sure we get plenty of daily rejuvenation and an adequate amount of sleep. When you and your sleeping partner can’t agree on a mattress, it can make it difficult for one of you to get a good night’s sleep. We recognize this compromise can be a big one since the average person spends about 26 years of their lives in their bed. In order to ensure both parties sleep happy, The Modern Back offers a mattress called the Magniflex Dolce Vita. This mattress is unique in the sense that it’s basically two mattresses in one. Essentially each queen and king come with two separate mattresses encapsulated in a plush overlay that makes it virtually impossible to tell there are two mattresses inside. But, when you unzip the outer cover, inside you will find a mattress made with supportive high-density foam topped with layers of plush memory foam on one side of the bed and on the other side is the exact opposite. This way, one sleeper gets to experience a firmer floating feel and the other gets a more plush, softer feel. The beauty of the Dolce Vita is that both sides can be kept opposite, or they can be turned over so both parties sleep on the same surface.  This customizable mattress is made exclusively in Italy using a unique water-expansion process that eliminates off-gassing and harmful chemicals which is common in most traditional foam beds. Come visit our Sarasota Mattress Showroom and feel the difference for yourself. 

For couples with distinctly different comfort levels, we offer Personal Comfort Number Beds which come with customizable mattresses that can be adjusted to meet your personal preferences. If you both like a firmer mattress, you can each set the bed on the highest sleep number, or you can each have your own number. Raising and lowering the numbers and trying different levels of comfort is a great way to discover what type of sleeping surface is best for you. Sleeping on a Personal Comfort Mattress is an excellent way for couples to have two separate sleeping surfaces in one mattress without losing the cuddle zone. Whether you decide to add an adjustable base, or prefer a flat non-elevated surface, you won’t be disappointed when you have the ability to literally transform the feel of your mattress with the touch of a button. Here, at The Modern Back Sarasota Number Beds Showroom we have the entire line of Personal Comfort Rejuvenation series mattresses. They come with all the health benefits of copper-infused memory foam and are available in three different profiles to choose from. Plus, these mattresses come in every size imaginable including split head king and queen. Come visit us and see how much better your sleep experience can be and learn about the latest in sleep innovations designed to preserve the cuddle zone and keep all sleepers happy.